Hhhhhhh? How?

Hö? Sjö?

Do they sound the same? How to make it sound right??

Well, H och Sj do not sound the same. It might be slightly complicated to make them sound different.

  1. First of all one might make ”för mycket” H, those who speak Spanish, Polish, Russian or Arabic have this problem. Imagine the situation where you are so tired after working hours, that you just come back home, put on comfortable clothes, take a cup of tea. Then you put your tired body in the soft, cozy armchair (most likely from the new IKEA collection) and say: ”Hhhhhhh….” That is exactly that sound you want to get. Not the storm that rushes from your guts, breaking teeth and starting havoc. Nope, just easy-going-hhhhhh
  2. Completely different situation have those who speak French or Italian. They tend to make no H sound at all! We have a cure for that! Go to the mirror (The best results are achieved with IKEA’s ”Isfjorden” =). Are you there? Perfect! Then come closer to the mirror and say Hhhhh. If everything is done right, then according to IKEA’s manual you will see a condensate on the mirror. That was real Swedish Hhhhhhh…

Here comes few examples to train:

år – hår

av – hav

öst – höst

ur – hur

ej – hej

öra – höra

eller – heller

yra – hyra

öga – höga

You might try these cute, sweet examples that are also awesome to improve your vocabulary at the same time:

Hålla hus – to be somewhere. t.ex. Var håller han hus?

Högsta hönset – a very important person.

Har häcken full – to have extremely a lot work to do. While….. en häck is actually en arse.. =)

Hipp och happ – something was not done properly. t.ex. Det blev lite hipp och happ

Hänga med huvudet – to be sad

Som hand i handske – to fit well

Helt och hållet – absolutely, entirely



Try this one as well! Hans Hanssons halta höna har haft hosta hela hösten.

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