Are you a believer?

If you are looking for mythology where endings are the most brutal and abruptly fatal – Nordic mythology is for you. Promiscuity, guys that give birth to wolves and horses, magical goats that (in accordance to Schrödinger equations) are both eaten and resurrected at the same time, trolls and dwarves that routinely sew up those stinky mouthholes of liars.
No doubt that the two prominent figures in Nordic mythology, gods Oden and Tor, are tough as hell. Oden in his unstoppable lust to gain knowledge domesticates two crows that spy on everything around the world, trades his own eye to … well … the head of the giant Mimer (nicely spiced with grass and trolldom in order not to go off or get expired ). Oden can in turn get a fancy drink from the Well of Wisdom. His son, Tor, on the other hand is quite a simple guy. He doesn’t think too much, gets pissed with ease and crashes everything around with a handy hammer. Maybe not so much handy as the handle is too short, nothing is perfect in this world. At least the hammer can turn into a tiny necklace, mmm.. was he really straight? Tors followers seem to adopt that cute tradition.
Some might think that Asa-tro is no longer with us, but we are surrounded with it. Literally. Cities like Torsby, Torsvalla, Odensjö och Odensåker. Well, nobody knows where those crappy villagies are situated. And even days of the week: torsdag (Thursday) and onsdag (Wednesday-Wodensday-Wodanaz day – Odens day). So it might be wise to pay a little tribute to the old buddies… some beautiful day… in Uppsala church. Bring meat. Or friends with you. Don’t forget a knife.

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