Roliga särskrivningar

There are some cases when one has to pay extra attention to how one writes or pronounces words.

These words are kluriga and can be sometimes problematic. They are called sammansatta ord, words that sit together.

Let us take an example:

Kulglass – that is one word and it means ice cream balls (en kula is a ball)

Kul glass – that is something different. Kul in this case is an adjective and means cool, awesome. It is no anymore a part of the noun, but it describes it.

Very often people tend to write words separately where they must be written together and then we have the phenomena of särskrivningar that can be extremely funny. Even more, it is not only important to think about writing, pronunciation is also important.


With sammansatta words you must go down so deep you can with your voice (Hell – level) and then rise with your voice (Heaven – level) [Grav accent, accent 2]. S that! Make your neighbors think you are a singer!


On the other hand when words don’t sit together they both might go up in pitch. [Acut accent, accent 1]. Think about the way you shout for help! The higher the pitch the better one is heard!

Now let’s have fun! Let us figure out why this looks and sounds så dråpligt =)

  • Glad packad räkmacka
  • Skum tomte
  • Ring munk
  • Gift orm säljes
  • Herr toalett
  • Bränn bara sopor
  • Rök fritt!
  • För störda bilar
  • Vilt bord
  • Kokad kyckling lever med kul potatis
  • Jag är en mörk hårig sjuk assistent
  • Döda havsprodukter
  • Jag vill visa fram fötterna
  • Sjuk gymnast
  • Förväntans fulla tjejer
  • Rak apparat
  • Lack mus
  • Äldre dam cykel säljs
  • Sex filmer på nätet
  • Ren korv
  • Fel anmäld
  • Skjut dörr specialisten
  • Min mamma har en halv bror


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